Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cleaning up our act

We're looking into using less poisons in our lives. Kind of ironic since I'm a chemist.
Firstly because Sasha is so sensitive. Dyes, fragrences, and harsh chemicals have him in terrible hives. We can't even use the typical J&J Baby Wash on him. So we've had to change how we clean, do laundry, and even what soaps, lotions and colognes my husband and I use.
I've always had sensitive skin, but I had found 2 perfumes that worked for me. I have had to change and go back to using Vanilla or Orange Extract again like I did for a while when I lived in the MoldHouse with all those roommates.
Hubby has had to change everything. He's been alright with it though since Sasha's reaction is so very obvious.
Secondly, there is KerryGirl and her allergies. It can't be good for her with all her issues to be exposed to things that could potentially make more problems for her.
Finally, there is my allergies and probable overexposure to chemicals in general.
So for cleaning we've decided to use organic and chemical free laundry detergent & dish soap, and forced steam. We already have a carpet steamer, but we're getting a steam mop and Shark so that we can disinfect everything chemical free. For stuff like soap scum, we have Magic Erasers. A little water and elbow grease removes almost anything and we can go back over with the steamer to *really* clean.
Hopefully this will really help us out and we'll notice fewer skin issues between the 3 of us (Sasha, KerryGirl, and myself).

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