Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Had a crazy weekend.
We went to stay with friends of Hubby so he could geek out with his robot at a competition without abandoning me to take care of everything by myself. All of us went. Him, Me, Sasha and the Beasties.
We've learned sometimes that alone is better than the alternative.
These friends had told Hubby that they had a dogrun so it'd be easy for us. There was no dogrun. There was an unfenced yard their dog ran around in, but that's not technically a dogrun. So, I had to go walk them on their leashes every time they decided they needed to pee--which was often.
These friends said their dog LOOOVED to have other dogs over to play. Well, he kept trying to attack ours. Not exactly the friendliest little dog. Thankfully KerryGirl has a poofy face. His bite attempt just combed her hair. More work again as I had to keep them separate.
Oh, and surprise! There was a cat. After my stating my concern when we were invited that The Hound does not play well with other pets. She does however like to dine on them. Nevermind my allergies...I hadn't remembered to mention those. Again, more work as I had to keep the Hound distracted and crated at all times.
These friends also expressed a desire to help care for the baby for "practice". Didn't really notice any. Yeah, they held him, but he was already happy sitting in his playpen then. No real help but I don't think they realized how much he takes. Especially since his teething has reached a level that sometimes he just screams for an hour or so and can't be consoled.
So my weekend was a never ending cycle of feed baby, change baby, rock baby, walk dogs, repeat. I ended up in a near nervous breakdown when I got lost trying to pick up Hubby from his competition in the strange city to go home and all hell broke loose. Sasha began one of his screaming sessions. The Hound started barfing from carsickness. KerryGirl started crying because everyone else was unhappy.

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