Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More medical mayhem

I'm feeling it's a time for change and I'm hoping this is the rational me talking, not the military brat me who feels stifled by "sameness".
I already decided I need a new OBGYN.
Now I've decided I need a new veterinarian. This time, a holistic one.
The pups went to get a dental. KerryGirl because she's too allergic and reacts to ingrediants in canine toothpaste and doesn't like to chew things. Her teeth get nasty. The Hound because she likes to chew things like wrought iron and bathe her teeth in stolen sugary snacks--they are beautifully white though, I was just concerned. She'd been acting weird and despite the vet stating she looked healthy and would snap out of it--she didn't.
Well, seems The Hound had a busted tooth and needed an extraction.
Much admonishment from the vet about my not feeding the dogs Science Diet or giving them beef rawhides.
Okay--KerryGirl is deathly allergic to beef (and therefore beef rawhides). Also, Science Diet is almost entirely made up of ingrediants on KerryGirls "cannot eat" list. Further, The Hound will not eat Science Diet, Iams, or anything below Super Premium. She'll just let it sit there and go raid the fridge or kill a goose to eat. The vet is aware of this as we've had many lengthy discussions on my choices for their care. It's not as if I am feeding them garbage.
They get a well thought out commercial diet that is of a quality level *above* Science Diet and is well matched to their needs. KerryGirl gets a fish/yam-based allergy diet. The Hound gets a high-protein, high-calorie diet. Both grain-free. Both superpremium. Both have improved greatly in health since going on them from foods like SD
This is a final straw after fighting with them for months about their practice of overvaccination and her resistance to accepting KerryGirls allergic IBD. If I'm paying someone to care for my dogs, I want that care to be actual *care*. Not paying for my vet's yacht.

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