Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sasha got his teeth last night. 2 little ones right there on the bottom. It became obvious when he was nursing. It's good to know they finally came in though. Only 30 to go.
Also, he said his first "sounds with meaning" last night. Not technically a word, but here's what happened.
I'm sitting playing pattycake and he yells out "GullyGullyGully!"
That's the end part of a little game his Daddy plays with him. It goes like this.
"Eye Winker" -touch eye
"Nose smeller" -wiggle nose
"Chin Chopper" -wiggle chin
"Gullygullygully!" -tickle neck
So I played it with him and he was laughing hysterically. But when he stopped he looked very serious and shouted "Gullygullygully!" again. So I did it again and again the laughter. And on and on till he got bored and stopped saying "Gully".
Smart little boy!
He's also about to start crawling and sitting up on his own. He can get into position for both but then either tips over or can't get the motions coordinated. He does "swim" all over the floor so it's just a matter of getting the 2 together.
And finally food is going okay. He loves his rice and his applesauce. But he DETESTS bananas. You'd think I was feeding him feces with the faces and urgency to get it out of his mouth that happens.

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Be Inspired Always said...

I just love when babies start to crawl and swim across the floor. Mine use to do the breaststroke pretty well. :)