Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dog Food Ads

I do not support Hills, Science Diet, Eukanuba, and assorted other "grocery store" brand pet foods. I've noticed that some of the ads here are for those and frankly I find them completely sub-par. While their perscription diets (when used appropriately) can help certain health issues, they can aggravate others. If your dog or cat has a health issue regarding diet, see a vetrinary nutritionist. That is really the only way to make sure your animal gets better and you don't just substitute one problem for another--possibly worse--problem.
It's not a problem with the food so much as the vets. They seem to have their heads up their behinds when it comes to nutrition for the most part. They see Hills perscription diets as a cure all and don't really look into the issue any further.
Case in point, my dogs have a little tartar problem. So the vet insisted we needed to feed Dental Diet.
Problem is, KerryGirl is severely allergic to the ingrediants in Hills Dental Diet (and will bleed internally...far worse than losing a few teeth) and canine toothpaste and the Hound would be fine if she didn't eat sugar all freakin' day long. But our sugar maple and her ability to get into the candy stash (inside a rubbermaid bin on the top shelf of the closed pantry) is a behavioral problem, not a care or dietary one. A keyed lock on our pantry and better healthcare for KerryGirls allergies were the solutions...not some new kibble. But that would have taken a whole-health approach which is not the usual way...despite being the best way.

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