Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Spent the last 5 days home.
It was like a vacation...even though I think I did 30,000 loads of laundry, cleaned the fridge, washed both dogs (twice. there was a poop incident), started AND finished my Christmas shopping, tidied the house, got groceries, cleaned the office, paid bills/mailed stuff, started the Xmas baking....
No wonder I'm still kind of tired.
This is the start of a week of my lessening responsibilities. KerryGirls groomer is coming TO THE HOUSE!!! Friday to get her all done up and next week we start with the cleaning service. I can't wait for someone ELSE to clean. I love my husband, but seriously, it's like getting blood from the turnip. For example, this weekend I wanted him to put the clean folded laundry away. That was it. That was the total of his duties. I've learned over the years to only ever give him one thing at a time or else nothing gets done.
What happened? He got bored after doing one basket load and proceeded to do some nonsense involving the computer insisting I told him to. I remember discussing the task in question quite clearly and my stand on the issue of revamping our network was to NOT do it and leave it the heck alone.
And so my annoyance got him going on the laundry again but he still didn't finish. There is a huge amount of folded laundry on the dining table, the rack of hung and ironed laundry in the laundry room is full, and for no apparent reason he took a bunch off the dining table. balled it up, and tossed it into the office.

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caramama said...

I'm happy to report that getting cleaning ladies may have saved my marriage, and definitely saved my sanity. Not only do they saving us from having to scrub and vacuum (and who do you think was doing almost all of that?), but having them come forces us to pick up the house at least every 2 weeks.

And I can't do it all myself, so hubby has to help. The deadline of them coming really gets us both to move on stuff we'd otherwise put off, and put off, and put off.

Speaking of which, we are going to have to put laundry away and pick up toys tonight, because guess who's coming tomorrow?