Thursday, December 6, 2007

Captain Underpants

I just became aware of a series of books called Captain Underpants.

And to me, that's just too hysterical.

You see, many years ago, I worked in a place where we had nicknamed one of the guys (unbeknownst to him) Captain Underpants.

He was a bossy know-it-all who seemed to labor under the delusion he was everyone's boss (hence the Captain part) and had a terrible nasty habit of leaving his dirty clothes--to include underpants--in people's offices.

He liked to go to the gym at lunchtime, which is pretty normal. What wasn't normal is that he had some bizarre aversion to changing his clothes either at the gym or in his OWN office. Instead, he'd look for an empty one other than his own. So if you went to lunch, had a meeting or even ducked out to take a pee you ran the risk of coming back to find some dude's dirty drawers on your keyboard. When he'd return, he'd just change right back into the laundry he left in your personal space.

It was awful, and we tried everything. We brought the complaint to our collective boss. We took pictures and brought it up the chain to their bosses bosses. We even called his wife and asked her to have a sit-down with him about his disgustingness.
But no. None of that worked.

Finally we found something that did....

Thank the Good Lord for itching powder and Ben-Gay.

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caramama said...

That is hysterical!