Monday, December 10, 2007

Cookin' fool

Started a new blog attached to this one with recipes.
Hubby has complained for as long as I've known him that I cook without thinking so he can never have "that thing he liked" ever again because I have no idea what I put into it. So now there is The Kitchen Lackey. I've put some recipes I made this weekend in addition to ones recently sent to me (and if it's sent, I put by whom) or ones I've sent out.
So, anyone who wants can try these.
As a word of warning, I've guessed at a lot of my measures (both time and amounts). You see, I cook by whim and don't actually know how much I'm putting in exactly or the length of time things cook...So I try to think what it looked like.
If you see a problem, let me know in comments and I'll try and fix it.

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