Monday, December 10, 2007

Naughty little boy

Had a great weekend. Finally finished Christmas shopping. Also Sasha was a darling but seems to be having teething issues again.
We'd be happily sitting on the floor, playing peek-a-boo when he'd suddenly scream bloody murder and be inconsolable for a while.
I'm not so sure it'll even be the top two...he keeps pushing his thumb on the bottoms next to the two he has.
The food is going well although he has a new nasty habit.
He loves to spit. All the time. Anywhere. But especially when his mouth is full.
A bunch of peaches (his favorite!) got launched right at his Daddy's face repeatedly till Hubby decided he'd had enough, and Sasha had to learn that spitting doesn't get you what you want.
So breakfast went away till he stopped.
He also does it when he's nursing and nothing like a faceful of breastmilk and drool out of nowhere. Ugh!
Seems like we're doing a lot of baby discipline now. Nothing drastic. Just whatever he is being naughty with goes away for a while and he hears a stern "No!"
No! climbing on KerryGirl
No! tearing books
No! yanking the Hound's ears
No! spitting
No! getting out of your carseat
And the list keeps getting longer. And the kid has quite the temper. You take away something he was on the verge of laying waste to and he has a little tantrum. I guess this is the clincher that it's time to teach him what is appropriate and acceptable behavior. The tantrum.
We've also started letting him put himself to sleep. We just make sure he's REALLY REALLY tired...past the face rubbing stage. And make sure he's full, dry, and warm. Once all that's done we stick him in his crib, turn out the light, and leave.
He'll usually curl himself up and fall asleep right there. Sometimes he still insists on playing a little bit, but eventually go's off to slumberland. It's good and definite progress.


caramama said...

Ugh! That's a rough stage, or so I hear. How old is he again?

And I'm jealous that he puts himself to sleep. Someday the Pumpkin will... I know she will... someday...

Becoming Mommy said...

He's 6 months. I think he's a bit younger than Pumpkin, but she'll start putting herself to sleep in time....
I'll just be glad when he stops waking up once or twice a night because he's hungry and wants the boob.