Wednesday, December 12, 2007

6 Months

Sasha, you are 6 months old today, and you couldn’t be more different than you are from the day you were born. Once a thin, quiet baby that worried me because he never wanted to eat or do anything but sleep; now you are a chunk who babbles on endlessly and would rather play than sleep so much we have to put you somewhere boring for you to realize you’re sleepy.
You’re eating well. Rice cereal, applesauce, peaches, and now plums—but no bananas. You love your food and the hardest thing about feeding you is keeping you from grabbing it to shove in your mouth yourself.
You’re also doing so many new things. You are pulling yourself into sitting regularly and if you have something to hold onto, or sometimes even if you don’t, you can sit there for a while. You’re also pulling yourself up sometimes to an extremely wobbly stand—poor KerryGirl. She is usually your walker and we try to protect her from you. Yesterday you re-named some of my computer files, Sasha, and so those little hands of yours have definitely become quite busy. Grabbing everything, smacking it, flailing it around, and usually chewing on it at some point.
Again, the poor poor dogs. Good thing the Hound actually LIKES that sort of thing. And good thing you still only have 2 teeth. One day you will learn the meaning of “no”. In the meantime I will be needing to watch you like a hawk.
Also thanks to your increased mobility (despite not actually crawling or walking yet) we’ve had to lower your crib and put away the bassinette portion of your pack-and-play. Stash the bouncy seat. And forget we ever had the swing. You keep hauling yourself over the sides and up out of the seatbelts—I’ve had so many heart attacks over the past week it’s not even funny. The good thing is that you can work your own mobile by pressing the buttons. I’ve taken off all the little animals and the arm, but the light still lights and the music still plays.In fact, you’ve become much better at playing on your own and entertaining yourself. At the same time, you’ve also become very clingy to me. You want to make sure that you can see me all the time. If not, you become VERY upset. I think you figured out we’re separate people finally.
Speaking of becoming upset, Sasha, you’ve learned something else….how to throw a tantrum. Why oh why do you have to be so much like your Mommy?

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caramama said...

Happy 6 months, Sasha! Way to go doing all that new stuff!

I hate bananas too. Trust me, you can get by in life without bananas just fine.