Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Christmas

It was a great day, but really too much for poor Sasha.
It started the afternoon before with Hubby's Dad and Stepmom. Followed by church and gifts at home the next morning, then mid-day at my Folks', then evening with Hubby's Mom and Stepdad.
All too exciting and too many people and a reversal of our Big Rule (no tearing things) of the moment so no napping and a lot of crying.
It was good though and we had a good time otherwise and everyone --almost--got what they wanted.
The almost is my youngest brother who's out with the Marines. I ordered his gift thru military exchange and it should have shipped back out in the beginning of November. They didn't bother till about 5 days ago. He'll get it eventually, but it not in time.
Sometimes, I really hate how the military runs things and makes life harder than necessary for their guys.
As for Hubby, he got his mp3 player he wanted to replace his broken one and I got him some alma-mater-themed grilling stuff. He also got some cash and a bunch of techie stuff from my parents including a book that's probably his favorite gift ever. If I hadn't made him help me tidy for the cleaning lady, he was going to go out back and build an EMP generator.
Hubby got me the stuff I asked for (jammies), but also got me supplies because he wants me to get back to painting and sketching. Since Sasha came into the picture, I haven't had time or energy for any hobbies. So no more Flyball, no more guitar, and no more art. About the only thing I have done is the manuscript for a kids book but no illustrations yet and my struggles to get my first novel published have fallen off too. He wants me to have an outlet again, which is sweet, and he promised to help me have the time to pursue it which is better.
Sasha got tons of clothes and a few toys to include this one that scares the living daylights out of him from my Father-in-law and Stepmother-in-law. There's just no telling what's going to freak out a 6 month old and it is a cute toy so I understand getting it. But what I didn't understand was that AFTER it became clear it wasn't so adorable to Sasha and we had a screaming baby on our hands....Father-in-Law kept turning it back on and shoving it in the kids face.
I had to scold him, take it away, and put it in the closet. I swear, I'll never understand that man.
The pups haven't gotten their gift yet. I have some defrosted whole quail for them to munch on, but because of KerryGirl's tummy I want to do it when we can have lots of time home to watch them.
Our family members all seemed to enjoy their gifts from us and we had some great meals--including the traditional one from my family, Standing Rib with Yorkshire Pudding. Yum.

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caramama said...

Sounds like a good and overwhelming holiday, which is about right. That book looks awesome--I'll have to buy it for my hubby.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!