Monday, December 24, 2007

Progress Report

progress has been made in the Baby Training department, despite the holiday disruption.
Naptimes are at 930 and 1:30 respectively. They always are a minimum of 45 minutes, but are usually some combination of 1 hr and 3 hours.
Nighttime works pretty well and we've discovered the source of the wake-ups. There are a few and they are always compounded by the fact he realizes upon waking that he is a) wet and b) hungry.
they are:
1) he has scooted in his sleep so he is angled head-first into the corner of his crib. As he cannot back up yet and finds himself unable to either roll over or proceed forward he wakes up all freaked out.
2) He scooches around so that he is backwards and his front-end is under the blankie rather than his hind. He feels something on his face and it freaks him out. The blankie, on the other hand is not of a variety to suffocate him (crocheted afghans have too many gaps) so it's just panic on his end, not mine.
3) KerryGirl and the Hound have a barking/screaming extravaganza because of the evil neighbors. While he can sleep thru some barking and a scream or two, he can't take it when they get really worked up about something.
The first two will resolve themselves as he develops. The last, we're hoping our calls to police, HOA, and the neighbors landlord will resolve. For the moment, I think we're doing as good as we can expect so it's just a waiting game.

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