Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That's IT!!!!

Hubby and I seriously need to have a strategy session about Sasha, sleeping habits, and tantrums.

I can’t take anymore.

Sasha’s dear Dad is a sweet, caring, nurturing fellow…but when it comes to his boy, he does whatever Sasha wants, Sasha gets. Immediately.

And Sasha, being the ripe old age of 6 months is catching on that Daddy lets him do whatever he wants. Mommy doesn’t feel that way. Mom has rules, albeit very basic ones. Like leave the dogs alone, no tearing books, etc. And when Sasha gets into stuff that’s a no-no, Mommy takes it away and gives him something that’s more appropriate for him to mess with. For example, if he’s tearing into a book, I give him one of his board books. If he’s got ahold of KerryGirl’s beard, I untangle his little fingers and give him one of his toy animals. After all, I don’t want him torturing the poor beasts.

But because DADDY lets him do whatever he wants and he’s inherited my temper we end up with a tantrum. I know we can have better behavior too because at Grandma’s house, where there are just one set of rules (same as mine) he’s a good boy.

Also, at night, we have different strategies for sleeping. I don’t mind getting up once at night, provided we do things the way we were doing them. He’d call, I’d go to the bathroom and if he was still awake by the time I was done, we had our little routine. I’d change his diaper, nurse him, burp him, and then just stick him back in his crib. His part of the bargain was quiet down when he saw me, nurse on cue, and calmly put himself to sleep when he was in his crib. But his Daddy will entertain him and play until he’s asleep….and well….if there’s playtime going on why should we sleep? And rather than wait and give Sasha an opportunity to self-soothe when he hears a cry, he runs over immediately to cater to him.

So now when I get up and do things my way, he’s already so angry and so into his tantrum by the time I’m out of the bathroom it takes FOREVER to get him calmed enough for anything. And I know some of those times he’s not even really needing anything….he’s just angry because I didn’t hop to.

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caramama said...

This sounds very frustrating. Hopefully, you and your husband can have a talk and get on the same page. I know that babies understand that different people do things differently, but it sounds like there is cross-over here, and that sucks.

Good luck!