Monday, December 17, 2007

Another 6 hours needed

It’s been a miserable weekend
Sasha’s teeth have him in an almost constant state of misery and as we all know….poop flows downhill. So I don’t think I’ve gotten more than 3 hours of sleep a night. Last night was only 2, and when I was awake I spent most of my time pacing around the upstairs with him.
The Tylenol doesn’t seem to be doing as good a job as it once did and the teething drops don’t seem to be doing a darn thing. Nursing helps, but only if he calms down enough to realize they’re there.
When he’s completely hysterical, arching his back, flailing madly, and screaming so hard his face turns purple and no sound comes out….
We’re hosed.
We knew early on Sasha was a sensitive little guy. Not only in his tendancy to get rashes and breakouts but in his inability to tolerate pain or discomfort. But this….I don’t know how long my sanity can hold out with it.
Hubby and I are fighting about nothing at all these days. We’re both so tired that we snap at the slightest inconvenience.
But despite it all, we managed to get our holiday photos taken, for which we made our Christmas cards, stuffed them all into envelopes, addressed, stamped, and sent them out. Finished our shopping (well, I had some stuff to pick up that had been ordered and prepaid. He had to shop). And had a family dinner with his visiting relatives.
It wasn’t a happy one with the two of us on edge and Sasha whining the whole time…but it was an obligation fulfilled.
The tantrums haven’t gone away either. Not that he’s moving around the room there are only more reasons for them. I had him on the floor of the office while I was doing the Christmas cards.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know he’d figured out about opening drawers. He knows exactly where they are in the room and goes right for the handles. And when he’s got it open, works on fishing stuff out. I can take him away, give him a toy and even have him pointed elsewhere….he’ll go right back for the drawer.
And when I pull him away, the tantrum starts.
Time for babyproofing.


caramama said...

Seriously, Sasha and the Pumpkin must be in cahoots. They must be comparing notes online or something. They sound so similar!

I hope we both get some decent sleep really soon, and lots of it!

BTW, for us last night, we ended up bring the Pumpkin into our bed (rather than me sleeping in the bed in the nursery with her), and it really seemed to go better. Of course that was at 2:00, so it was really tough until that point.

Anonymous said...

why do they always seem to go to the exact places that you don't want them to. Over and over and over!

When Boog was younger I used to say he was being a brat when he'd pitch a fit like that. My mom and my MIL used to get so upset with me and say that he was too young to be a brat. Whatever, I knew when he poked out that lip and started scream it was pure brat behavior.