Monday, January 28, 2008

Canine Obesity

Did you know that February is Canine Weight Month? (and pet dental health month too? at least according to my vet).

Obesity is a growing problem for our pets, just as it is for us. It's responsible for so many health issues and aggravating others that it can really shorten the life expectancy of your dog, as well as ruin the quality of the life they have.

So see your vet in February and get a weight assessment that you can send in for a free gift (see link on right for details)! Something good for your dog's well being and a freebie for you too. How can you say no? I'll be participating, although I know my girls are both a healthy weight since we see the vet so often, but for a free gift, a weigh-in isn't so bad.

If you find your dog is overweight, as many are, all is not lost. Start measuring Pooch's meals, restricting treats (or using lower cal options like baby carrots), and excercise. Not only will a few runs, games of fetch, and other activities be good for your dog's health...he'll find them enjoyable and they're good for your health and you and Spot's relationship too! Not to mention all the sports you could play with them for fun and prizes!

The Hound loves her Flyball, even though we decided competition wasn't for her. Ground Trials or Lure Coursing seem more her milieu, but we don't have her pedigree so can't participate. And if I ever get the freetime and KerryGirl's health up to snuff...I want to get her trained in Schutzhund (it seems perfect for her). Look up the many options and have fun with your dog!

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