Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sasha has been hitting some milestones. I don't know whether to puff up and be proud, or be afraid. Very afraid.

1. Monday his mode of locomotion changed. He had been getting around with a strange combo of "breakdancer" and "elephant seal schlumping down the beach". Because crawling isn't done by every baby, I figured this was just going to be his way of getting around. Its was lightening fast, he was happy, and all was well.
Now he crawls. It's even faster.

2. Last night he learned to sit up by himself, alone, in the middle of the room. He was crawling, tucked his feet under, and just sat back on his heels to play with his toys better. Then when he wanted to crawl, went right back to that. He'd been sitting, but he always had to pull himself up before.

3. He can stand up using only one hand to pull up. But guess what the other hand if for?

4. ...Pulling off his diaper. He's learned to get his pants off by jumping. And yes, he jumps once he's up. His diaper takes a free hand though so I guess necessity required he get better at this.

5. In addition to this, he's been trying to stand without assistance or a climbing object. He'll get up on all 4s and then up off his knees onto hes feet and try moving his hands back so he can straighten. No dice. He just gets stuck. He'll sit funny and try to push straight up from the bottoms of his feet. That just throws him backwards. And several other weird contortions in his effort to become erect.

Lord help me. I see myself chasing a naked baby around in the very near future!

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caramama said...

Be proud! And be afraid. Be very very afraid!!!

Way to go, Sasha!!