Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~To health!

Our little kerry blue terrier had a great 5th birthday present.
KerryGirl's test results came in. While it was not a typical lipoma, it was simply a more rare variety of benign cyst. She's fine.
We also had another treatment last night of applied kineseology and accupuncture as well as another consult about other ways we can further shore up her general health. What's working. What's not. And how the treatments are going.
You see, we're the vet's guinea pigs on this. Normally, her patients can take things like the Chinese herbals or have some sort of response (any) to the allopathic medications.
But our girl? Nope.
Turns out though, this method is working very, very well.
You see, she and the Hound stole and ate some huge platters of enchiladas and spanish rice that got left on the counter, unsupervised, for too long. And those are made up almost entirely of foods that flared up on her allergy panel.
However, all we had was some repulsive flatus and a slightly looser than normal stool. And while that much of a reaction for many people would still have them running to the vets...for us bad gas and such are a cause for celebration. No gushing of blood. No blistering of skin. None of the usual horrors.
So things are definitely getting better. One day we might not have any problems with her anymore.
Ah, to hope!

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caramama said...

Oh good! I'm glad she is doing better, and I hope she continues to get even better.