Thursday, January 10, 2008

Linus the Lion

Hiring my mother-in-law as our cleaning lady was a great idea...I think, at least.

Our house is spotless. She moved all the furniture to clean the floors under, cleaned our fridge, folded the laundry that was in the dryer, washed the windows...All sorts of things that weren't part of the cleaning service deal. And I felt freer too. I didn't have to hole-up with the baby and the dogs in the office for hours so she could work. Because I wasn't being crawled all over by the 3, I could work too.

Hopefully she didn't use the time to snoop, but if she did, oh well...she can live with the consequences.

Sasha's temper tantrums are continuing. He's finally done some for his Grandma (my Mom) so she is no longer telling me "Oh, he doesn't do that. Babies don't throw tantrums that early". At home we've discovered a simple thing that is working for the moment. He has this little stuffed lion that plays a tune. It came with his floor gym. When he has it, he's the happiest guy in the world. We've been putting it in his crib with him at night and I wonder if THAT's why he's sleeping thru. He HAS to have it the minute we finish putting his jammies on and when he takes his last nurse of the day he lays there petting it. And in his crib he flips his nose with the tail while he sucks his fingers...and once in a while gives it a good shake to get he music going. If he wakes up and can find it, he has no problems going back to sleep. If not, panic sets in.

I guess it's good he's found something in addition to his fingers to help him soothe himself. Lately there've been a lot of owies. His attempts to stand have moved beyond his use of KerryGirl's beard. Furniture, the baby gates, everything is fair game. So now there's a lot of falling and bumped heads. Also his curiosity has gotten his little hands into things they shouldn't have. His inspection of the glider resulted in smooshed fingers and so now we know we can't just close the gate on his room and let him play while we go about other things. But the lion can soothe all. Hubby has named it even. His name is Linus.


Burgh Baby said...

I would be scared to death to hire my mom or mother-in-law to clean my house! I would have to spend hours pre-cleaning before they arrived. Sort of defeats the purpose, I guess.

Yay! for sleeping through the night. I miss that :-(

caramama said...

I keep trying to get the Pumpkin attached to the giraffe stuffed animal. But most nights, nothing but mommy and her magic boobs will do... We need a Linus!

I've heard that if they do attach to a lovey, buy a bunch so that if/when it gets too raggedy to keep, you have a backup.

Anonymous said...

Loveys are great and it looks like he's picked one. Boog likes the "blanket with a head" things. We have three just in case. They don't all look the same but he doesn't seem to care too much as long as he has one of them.

I could never hire my MIL as a cleaning lady either, I would be so embarrassed.