Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, this weekend was...er...enlightening.

We had a very late Holiday Luncheon with the Fundementalist Evangelical Aunt and Hubby's cousins, siblings, and Dad and Stepmom.

I used to think I really liked his Dad. Yeah, he's gruff. And yeah, he looks like and is called like a Sopranos character (only insert heavy Country Boy accent). But I always figured he liked me and was just a creme puff--hard on the outside, gooey in the middle.

But Saturday?

He decided to take the opportunity to make public his suspicions that my Hubby is not the father of Sasha. And then to give his "scientific" explaination of how it isn't possible that Hubby fathered that blonde, blue-eyed, fair little boy. After all, Hubby has black hair (okay, used to. Now it's silver), black eyes, and olive skin and as "everyone knows" the fathers genes are dominant in the first born son. So that meant that Sasha's 'real father' had to be a blondie. And therefore wasn't Hubby.

Thankfully, no one thinks of my Father-in-Law as a great scientific mind. Quite the opposite. Most everyone jumped on him to tell him was an ignoramus he was. And to be quite honest, other than the coloring, Sasha looks EXACTLY like his Daddy. Further showing what a complete Jackass he is (father in law, not Sasha or Hubs).

So far that makes 2 people in Hubs' family questioning my fidelity. The other was his youngest brother.

I know that I'm different. I know that our marriage is different. I know that the way we go about things is not the way they do. I know that can be confusing.

We got married because we wanted to be married and we had a kid because we wanted one and were ready. Sasha was probably one of the most planned babies ever. We even planned for when we wanted him to be born so he'd fit easily into our schedules. It worked to, of all the crazy things. I got pregnant a little faster than I thought would happen, but then Sasha came late, late, late...so it worked out.

There is no scandal. It may be something they are soooo used to having that they are trying to manufacture it. But really? It's insulting and infuriating and hateful.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Unbelievable....family never ceases to amaze me. They're either the most supportive or the most frustrating.

Keep your head up and ignore your FIL....

And vent here all you need to...

Hallie :-)

Burgh Baby said...

That's just plain rude. Thank goodness no one takes him seriously at all, because really, the guy needs to stuff a sock in it. And learn a little bit about genetics.

caramama said...

"It's insulting and infuriating and hateful." Yes it is.

Wow. I can't believe people would really say things like that, especially to you! I do not know how you deal with it, but definitely vent away! That just sucks.