Friday, January 18, 2008


We actually got a good amount of the white stuff yesterday. I'd say maybe 3-4 inches. But the roads didn't actually seem that bad.

Sure, pelople were inept at driving them so there were a few hundred or so accidents. But I drove and wasn't having any troubles keeping control of my car. I found it amusing the panic with wich people were treating it.

It looks so pretty outside. At some point today I hope to get out with my camera and take pictures of our pond (just slightly to the left of the above photo). It's frozen over and the geese are walking on it.

Had lots of fun yesterday getting home early. Spent quality Mommy Time since I had lots of extra hours I needed to use up anyway. Fortuitous timing in having completed 40 hours of work by 1pm Thursday and not having money in our contract for Overtime.

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caramama said...

Yeah, we thought the roads were fine. I did leave work early so I wouldn't get caught in the traffic due to the accidents that I knew would come. It was nice to get home early.

Sasha is so adorable! I love the pics and the video!