Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Lack of sleep, combined with the 'To Do' list is killing us.
and work is not helping.
Hubby had to leave early and cancel an afterschool activity because he just couldn't do it.
And I had someone do stuff that irked my last nerve during an 11 hour day yesterday. That's right. I worked for 11 hours.
Mostly a comment to the effect the effect that I'm "lazy" in that I haven't finished my double grad degree and assorted certificates (I think it's about 5?) in the course of a year and a half and some miming of violins playing when I made a passing comment (to someone else) about the baby keeping us up.
Sometimes I really wish it'd be okay to say what I thought when I thought it.


Burgh Baby said...

In the sleep-deprived state I'm in, I would have had to slap somebody. Good for you for not resorting to violence! Or, were you just too lazy to do anything?

(J/K, of course)


caramama said...

Ugh! What a rough day! You are totally not lazy, and that person can shut the hell up. I've been known to shoot daggers with my eyes... and I did squirt my BIL with water when I'd had heard one too many comments.