Monday, February 4, 2008

Accidental Skijorner

Thought I'd make a humerous post. This weekend I skijorned by complete accident. How would one manage that you ask?

Well, we were out for our walk after a long rain and I went into a meadow with the pups. There were lots of squirrels out in the field and I hyped 'em up to go chase them. I ran with them, but the field was ending and I saw the trees looming closer, and closer, and closer....

I stopped running. But i couldn't stop.

The combination of wet grass, mud, and two VERY excited, strong, and quick dogs on harnesses and a splitter out ahead of me foiled my attempts.

So there I was, sliding thru a feild attached to my dogs and hollering,


a wake of mud laying out behind me.

We finally did stop when the two dogs when on opposite sides of a large oak and were stopped by the splitter that joined them on my leash. I only hit the tree gently.

Several families out on a nature hike with their little ones got to witness this comical fiasco. I hope I don't show up on YouTube.

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caramama said...

I hope you are okay, but DAMN that was funny! Thanks for the laugh!