Monday, February 4, 2008


It was, as expected, an eventful weekend.

Firstly, it was divulged at the rehearsal dinner that the groom was, in fact, not working full time as he'd told his bride. It came out because the person he supposedly was working for was Sister's and my Brother (not the one in the Marines). In actual fact, he's been spending his days playing Wii.

Sister has 2 jobs. And she still married him. I don't think I would have.

Secondly, during the reception Granddad had to be rushed to the hospital. Turns out it was kidney stones so he should recover well.

Thirdly, Sasha popped out tooth #3 the morning of the wedding. #4 is being stubborn. I can see the edge just under the membrane. And I think I can see the starting swells of #5 & 6. He was wonderful for such an overstimulating weekend. A charmer!

Fourthly, KerryGirl's breeder called. I sent her a letter with the test results for her stomach/allergies, her growth, and what we were doing for her care. She'd been very defensive when I'd called to tell her of the health problems. This time she was much sweeter and wondered if we should get her tested for even MORE terrible diseases like Factor XI or von Willenbrand's. She definitely was more open this time. Said if we ever wanted a pup again she would definitely be happy to either give one to us or put in a good word with another breeder--we were a great home. And to get that without being in the fancy? From an breeder of breeds they try to keep "unusual" and is not easy to care for? Not given easily.

Fifthly, when we got home we were met with a mass of ropes and knots tying up our gate. One of the mutts apparently undid the latch and opened it. Our nice neighbor came home to find the Hound bouncing around on her front yard playing all by herself. Not overly fearing dogs in angora sweaters and rhinestone collars, she called the little pup over to see who's she was...when she realized our gate was wide open. She picked up the Hound and put her back and was shutting the gate when KerryGirl apparently decided our lovely neighbor had spent enough time in our space and went apesh**.
Poor neighbor-lady nearly had a cardiac arrest right there and tied up our fence to keep the nutjob with sharp teeth confined. Although, she won't leave the house/fence area without me. I already know this from many, many instances of other people trying to walk her, take her somewhere, or the front door getting open.
We came over and thanked her profusely. And formerly introduced her to our dogs so she wouldn't be afraid. She now knows KerryGirl is all show...but said she always thought it was a GOOD thing that she raised a ruckus whenever anyone was messing around our house. That it was what dogs are supposed to do and I shouldn't tell people what a harmless cuddlebug they both least let them think the Big Black Terrier might eat them if they mess with us. Neighborlady said she actually now felt a little less safe knowing the our Kerry is not big and bad. Just loud.
Hubby put a padlock on BOTH gates and so now they need to find a new way out.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wow - the groom lied? Not good - doesnt bode well for the future!

Sounds like that was one interesting wedding!

So you think the commissary gift cards is a crappy idea? That sucks - I wanted it to be a great idea!!


Becoming Mommy said...


It's a great idea. I've just tried several base-type gift cards and have been having terrible luck.

From being charged and them never sending one. To them sending one immediately, but not activating it, to this latest of waiting months to bother (meanwhile he'd changed commands so it took even LONGER). Now I do other gift cards and send them certified mail (because apparently down there the mailroom guys also sift thru to gift themselves). He gets those. I just google for stuff he can get down there 'card' accordingly.

caramama said...

Well, it does sound like an eventful weekend. I hope he gets a job soon. How frustrating for your sis.

So Sasha was good even though he was teething? That's awesome.

Very good of the breeder and your neighbor! Our dog is all bark too, and we let our neighbors know. The alarm system isn't all bark, as the police will come when it goes off, so we've got that to scare off burglers. :-)

Welcome back!

Burgh Baby said...

Uh, yeah. I would have walked out of that ceremony post-haste. No way would I ever marry a professional Wii player.