Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Difficult People

There's a kind of person that I am just having so much trouble learning how to deal with. It's the reason why I ask God to give me strength pretty much every day.

It's people who seem under the impression they are the center of the universe.

You see them everywhere:

  • The man who delivers your groceries decides to help himself to your chips, salsa, and bottled water you paid for.
  • The person in your office who has decided he/she is your boss. Despite being lower rank/from another company/just visiting and doesn't actually work there at all. They normally have some way to make your life hell and do. Even if its just incessant nagging for non-urgent items not of their purvue while its a weekend/holiday/leave day
  • The person in your neighborhood who lets their vicious little anklebiter run free, but calls animal control because you dog barked at her--from inside your house. Once. Whhile she stood on your lawn picking your crocuses.

And no matter how many times its explained, by whom, or in what way, they never get that they are the problem.

And so I ask for strength and I receive it. After all, no one is buried under those crocuses yet!


Burgh Baby said...

Do we live in the same neighborhood? Because that guy lives three doors down from me. Heaven forbid our dogs should make a peep while he tromps through our grass, killing every living thing along his path. I'm going to let the dogs eat him one day and see if he calls the Homeowner's Association to tell them about that.

caramama said...

The worst is when these people drive. While on their cell phones. Believe that the rules of the road do not apply to them, nor does common courtesy.

Lord, give us all strength.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YOu can't be serious!! You'd actually consider making that hot dog/bean lady finger lookin tower!

ICK!! It scares me!!

Hallie :)