Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking of Emotions of VDay

I’m thinking I’m beginning to see a pattern with Sasha. I have a feeling we’re in for a bumpy growing up because of a hypersensitive little boy in all aspects. Not that he’s especially cranky or anything. Just that things seem to affect him more and he gets very emotional.
1. Most babies have sensitive skin. That’s why you only use baby products on them
a. Sasha is so sensitive we had to use the special extra sensitive, fragrance free, extra moisturizing products. And why I can’t use room deodorizers or lavender to help him to sleep or chemicals to clean that might leave a residue or…
2. Most babies have a little trouble with teething.
a. Sasha would be perpetually hysterical for weeks right up until that last couple of days. Feeding strikes and everything.
3. Some babies have problems with certain foods.
a. Sasha has food allergies. Breastfed and everything and he’s still got them. So we feed organic to avoid unnecessary additives.
4. Some babies get a little bit of a fever or soreness on shot day at the start. It lessens with each one.
a. It does? Really? Because from what I saw his hot, red, hard lumps don’t seem any different from shot to shot.
5. Babies don’t throw tantrums till toddlerhood.
a. Will someone please inform MY CHILD of this? He apparently missed that meeting.
6. Babies will often cry with the discomfort of a soiled diaper.
a. Ours cries when he feels the urge to pee and feels the need to inform me that he’s about to poop (though without crying) as well. He doesn’t like it and will insist on an instant change of pants. Always has.
7. Some babies at about 8-10 months will experience night terrors on occasion.
a. Sasha’s been having them every time he falls asleep. Most of the time he’s back to quiet sleeping after just a couple of screams. But not always. Sometimes it can take about a half hour to snap him out of it. He always seems completely confused when he does.
But at the same time, that extra sensitivity has made him very affectionate with the hugs and kisses and quick to smile and laugh at something he things is funny. It’s probably also helped him to figure out some simple instructions early like “No” and “Stay” and if we say “Mommy” or “Daddy” or heck…even the dogs names…he knows who we’re talking about and will reach for the right one.


caramama said...

My little girl is also very sensitive to things emotionally, and like you, I've realized that this is both a great thing and very frustrating. Good luck!

Burgh Baby said...

The shot sensitivity does, eventually, get better, I promise. Alexis ended up in the hospital for four days after her two-month shots because of a horrible reaction to them. I think we may FINALLY have it under control. Her pediatrician figured out to only give her one shot per day (pain in the arse that it may be) and I drug her up good to prevent a fever when we get to the nasty ones.

Night terrors suck.