Thursday, March 27, 2008


...have not been dispensed with. I had a meeting about them yesterday and everything is find and moving forward as planned next week. It appears I'm the only person to request everything in writing first...odd, but whatever.

We are off to Philly tonight. Hubby made some things extra difficult in his efforts to "help" (like leaving our empty luggage at my Mom's....really don't understand how we were supposed to pack like that). But for the most part everythings on track now thanks to a bunch of grocery bags and an hour of my morning.

Hubby is supposed to take the pups to the kennel and I'm hoping he remembers Kerry's cone. She's been chewing at her scar and for some reason he keeps taking it off of her. And then wondering why she's suddenly bloody.

I dunno. I gave up understanding his reasons for things.

I can't beleive how much stuff we had to pack for Sasha. Before it was easier. He was exclusively breastfeeding and his eczema was bad enough we just didn't bathe him for long stretches. I considered just buying his stuff when we got there, but thankfully checked where we were. We're in tourist-land. There isn't anywhere nearby to get his special organic baby food. So I had to pack every meal, his bowls and silverware, emergency formula (in case I'm having a low day), diapers, crib sheets (since most laundry stuff gives him hives) and so on. His diaper bag is without diapers or clothes or any of the normal things. And weighs a ton.


Burgh Baby said...

Husbands. Can't live with them, would have to take the trash out without them.

Might be worth it sometimes.

caramama said...

It's crazy how much stuff you need for kids! Have a good trip!