Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dreading Walking

I mean real walking. Free of hand use walking.

And I know it's coming any day now. I just dont' know when.

You see, there are lots of indicators that tell me it's impending.

1. He can stand independantly. He still needs to pull himself up to a standing position, but once there he's fine. And can get down on his own.

2. His cruising has reached a new point. It used to be he could only walk along items. Now he's discovered if he pushes something along ahead of him, he can go more places and not have to keep getting up and down. Unfortunately, one of those items he pushes? Is his pen. While he's in it. Discovered it last night when we put him in it to get some things done and left the room. Came back in panicked when we heard a loud crash. He'd just knocked stuff down while walking around the first floor surrounded by a giant plastic fence. He was fine.

3. the pen is about to outlive it's usefulness (so fast!). He's climbing up its walls. Quite pleased with himself too. Same with his baby gates. And his dresser. And everything else basically. Not to mention now that he can move the pen over to where he wants this means he can get to almost everything since he just climbs up till he can reach over the top and grabs stuff. Then climbs back down and plays with it. He's gotten a few books that way.

So now we've accepted the climbing won't quit. We're concentrating on teaching him you go down feet/bottom first. Not head first. And I think it's time to invest in a walking toy. It'll do less damage than the giant circumference his pen has. His Grandma was concerned that walking toys don't move well on carpet, but really? They have to move better than a giant plastic fence. She had to laugh because she never had this problem. None of us was quite this active.

And I'm going to have to think of something to secure the dog door. He *KNOWS* it's a way out to a new world and seems to have no fear about crawling thru tunnels. In fact, tunnels have a special appeal to him. UGH!!!!

I am not equipped for a daredevil baby!!!


Amy said...

IWOW! That has got to be so fun for him and SO CRAZY for you. From their perspective it's amazing, because now they can do and figure out so much more, but it's a full time job to keep them safe in the process. :) I think I better start gearing up. I think mine is going to do the same thing. He just learned to crawl a week ago and already has gotten into so much. He crawls under the couch, the bed, his pack and play, his crib - pretty much anything he can with only his head sticking out. He can pull himself up and walk along items already too - AND ALL THIS IN ONLY 1 1/2 weeks! AAGHH! Of course he would learn the week we have everything out to pack. :) Keeps me on my toes, literally. No coffee breaks for Mommy this week.

Anonymous said...

I was in no hurry either but that didn't stop anything. We've managed to make most things baby proof but we still don't even leave him alone unless it's gated in his room. Then of course you know he's fine because he stands at the gate and screams. A caged toddler is a screaming toddler in my house. :P

Burgh Baby said...

I am SO glad we are past that point. Really, really glad. Good luck (and enjoy it)!

caramama said...

Yeah, it's not easy. Our little one is all over the place, and she has no fear of anything. We are still working on trying to get her to go down stairs safely. It's just constant vigilance on our part, which is exhausting. Good luck to you guys!