Friday, March 28, 2008

Easy Traveller

Except for the logistics of going anywhere with a baby: The "stuff", the inability to go anywhere at anytime, the need to constantly haul around a 20+ lb person and the gear necessary to sustain them....

We've been blessed in that Sasha is an easy traveller (despite what the picture above may say). He seems to enjoy the fact he's getting all these new experiances so much so all his other problems--tiredness, teething pain, frustration at being tied into something--melt away.
A 2 hour train ride right at bedtime could have been a disaster. But nope. After nursing he found a friendly face in the woman across the aisle--a complete stranger--and spent 2 hours flirting and playing peek-a-boo with her. Anyone who'll spend 2 hours playing peek-a-boo is a saint. I am grateful she was there.
And this morning down at breakfast did start out bad. We're in a hotel apparently during a tech convention. That means tons of young men with cellphones, PDAs, laptops, and assorted gadgetry. These are the things Sasha envies. He wants them so bad whenever he sees them that not getting them can immediately start a tantrum. And these young men were not of a baby-noticing mind. So we started having issues and I thought we'd have to leave.
But no.

In walks a grandparently couple and sits next to us.
Sasha smiles. They smile back.
Sasha shows them his stars. They 'ahh' in admiration of his prize.
And then happiness is returned and breakfast goes on in peace as he puts on his little cuteness display for the duration of the meal.
People can be so great.

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caramama said...

I'm glad the trip is going well in general! It's the people who play peek a boo or even just give the baby/kid a smile that give me faith in the world around us.