Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy Yertle

So the dogs are off at their first trip to the kennel.

So far, no word so I'm assuming everything is going fine. I imagine if the Hound had escaped into the cat hotel and committed mass slaughter, I would have heard. Same if Kerry had worked herself into another massive case of HGE (not to say she isn't, she's just not there yet).

But it reminds me of the first time I left the two of them alone.

Sister housesat for us and watched the two dogs. Almost a vacation for her since at the time she lived with my parents. This was a long weekend to do what she wanted, when she wanted....provided she didn't destroy the house and did keep up on the petcare. She spoiled the dogs. Let them up on the furniture, sleep in bed with her, and gave them way too many biscuits.

The funny part happened one morning right as she was waking up.

You see, she woke up because she felt eyes staring at her, hot breath on her face, wetness, and a strange weight on her chest.

She opened her bleary eyes and looked in the direction of the hot breath and watchful eyes. Two very happy, very excited, very dirty dogs were watching in anticipation.

She looked in the direction of the weight to see a strange, leaking object. When she looked closer, she saw it was a turtle. Well, most of it anyway.

She jumped out of bed, screaming as the muddy, bloody sheets were flung off with her "gift".

And then immediately called me to see what she should do, and to inform me how completely disgusting my dogs were.

She is going to pick them up from the kennel Sunday since we won't be back quite in time. I promised she'd have use of my station wagon, so hers would be free from the hounds carsick barf or kerry's well...other assorted issues.

As for turtle eating....the dogs have cleaned out a few shells since then. It makes a very strange smelling dog. The odor just isn't in their breath. It comes out their pores


OHmommy said...

That is great!

The book I JUST read to my kids tonight asked...

"Who wakes you up in the morning?"

.... a dog!

Burgh Baby said...

Um, gross. Yeah, gross.

Thank goodness our dogs have zero access to turtles. Despite Mr. Husbands please to put one in our pond, I plan to make sure it stays that way.

Hope you're having a great time and that your sister's future remains turtle-free.

caramama said...

Blech! Dogs can be so gross! I hope they are having a great time at the kennel!