Monday, March 31, 2008

We spent our nights dancing in ballrooms, but...

The weekend ended up horrible. Despite Sasha's tendancy to travel well and do well with disruptions in his schedule we had a serious case of the Screamies.

All night. Every night.

He'd go on and on for hours and it was beyond any reasoning. He wasn't in pain, or alone, or hungry...just screaming on and on. Nights and Days spent finding deserted areas of the hotel to walk him so as to not make everyone as crazy as he was making us. Usually it was the

Tooth #5 popped up Saturday morning. But this isn't teething pain. I think it's a little developmental thing.

The dogs seem to have done awesome at the kennel. They were happy to see us, but tired. The only indication of any kind of illness is Kerry having scummy nasty eyes and goop crusted up everywhere. Other than that, they seemed fine, ready for dinner, and then impatient to see
their beds.

Apparently 2 walks a day isn't enough. We had the kennel increase their 2-3 milers twice a day to 4 times a day. Or maybe Kerry's wellness can be from all those treatments and the fact that was the place she was always made to feel well had kind of a Pavlovian effect on her.

Who knows, but it worked well.

As an aside, my posting is likely to become more ittermittent. The new job has started and it's looking intense.

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caramama said...

So sorry about the screamies. That sucks. I hope he feels better soon!

That's great about the dogs having a good time at the kennel!