Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Skinnamarinkydinkydink Skinnamarinkydoo

I have an office! No more having to walk several floors (or sometimes several buildings) over to pump privately. I must admit my workplace has been very good about making it as easy as possible to do this and by having several employees willing to give up their offices to allow mothers to have a comfortable, non-bathroomy spot. And let me have my mini-fridge so I could keep it nice and cool all day.

We don't have a "mothers room" or anythign of the kind, but my company works for an insanely huge healthcare organization that didn't make those provisions for it's employees. And we use their space.

At home we've decided to start the sleep training. We just can't take it anymore. So last night, when he woke up screaming, we checked him over to make sure everythign was okay. And it was.

He'd only had Tylenol and Orajel an hour and a half before.
When he nursed AND had a full bottle of formula on top of it (after a full dinner). No hunger
He had his Taggie.
His diaper was clean and dry.
And he was in all ways just fine. So we turned on his music box, kissed him goodnight, and left.

And so he screamed for the next several hours. I'll tell you one thing, the kids got endurance.

I waited for the screams to change and indicate a particular need, and then I went in and handled it. He was wet and needed a nurse and I'm fine with taking care of it. His Dad needs to learn how to just let go and allow him to learn the world does not revolve around Sasha. Poor Hubby, he was a wreck this morning because the incessant screaming kind of freaks him out. He
needs to fix it. I say we are.

1am Screaming to demand the Skinnamarink song is unacceptable.

Today is also day 1 at daycare. He seemed happy to go and explore and be with the ladies there.


caramama said...

Yeah for an office! We just moved offices, and now we are all in cubicles. Ugh.

Good luck with the sleep training and daycare!

And now I'm going to have the skinimarink... song stuck in my head all day.

Amy said...

I relate with Hubby. I never thought I was a softy, but I am and it REALLY BOTHERS me when mine screams with amazing endurance. We've been facing something similar with ours - just wee morning hours. We waited it out today and it finally did end and he fell back asleep for another 3 hours - it was just time for us to get up. HA! Guess that's how it goes sometimes! :)

Burgh Baby said...

Woohoo! for the office! It's amazing how some companies manage to do the right thing and others force you to get creative.

Good luck with the sleep issues. You will win doing it your way (eventually). Just beware, it only takes one moment of weakness for it all to come tumbling back down again. My husband? A walking moment of weakness.