Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Zups

Well, apparently once Sasha realized I'd left him at the daycare, he sort of fell apart. Didn't nap. Wouldn't drink a bottle. Wouldn't stop crying. He still had the "zups" when Hubby picked him up.

Poor kid. Poor daycare ladies.

I think I'll bring his Taggie next time. With people he knows he likes to self-soothe by taking your hand and rubbing your fingers on his face. If he isn't being held like that or doesn't know the person (so isn't quite so comforted by their smell and feel), he can snuggle up in a corner somewhere with his Taggie and do the same thing with the little strips of tag by himself. It seems to work for him. Maybe it'll assist in making Thusday easier.

Last night went well, but I expect it was just from sheer exhaustion that he slept all night. I got home, nursed him, he clung onto me for dear life for a while, nursed again, then passed out. This weekends travels, then the new daycare on his Mommy Day, the sleep training, and all of that made for a LOT for his little self to deal with.

In hindsight, it may have been better if I had taken a day off last week and come over with him just for a visit during the daycare day.

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caramama said...

Sorry it was rough for him! I hope it goes better tomorrow.