Thursday, April 3, 2008

Learning Curves

Despite having a few nights now of decent sleep (which for me means 5-6 hours of uninterrupted rest) I'm feeling awful today. The sleepiness is worse than it was over the weekend when we had NO sleep.

And it's having the usual effects I get from severe sleep deprivation, like the arrhythmia. I think poor Hubby is going to spend the evening with CrankyMommy.

Despite that, I've decided to start early on my Resolutions about diet and health. I have begun a food and exercise diary and as usual am dismayed that I am as chunky as I am. I am being completely honest with myself and while it shows I should be a walking toothpick with bulging muscles, things are what they are. I'm a chubby person who depending on the day, can jog several miles while holding a conversation or get winded walking to the bathroom.

And I cant even blame my thyroid.

But I think this is a good step. No actual dieting, just keeping account of what is really happening, so I know where I stand and can do what's necessary to improve my general nutrition.

Hubby is leaving to pick up Sasha soon. I'm hoping for better reports. I tried to help out the daycare by a)giving them the schedule he tends to follow, b)packing his food together so they actually feed him his whole lunch, c) giving them bottles 1 per scheduled "nursing" with
premeasured amounts divvied, d)reminding them of his allergies and sensitivities (and therefore need to use his own products), e) dropping him off *with* his taggie so he can be more soothed, f) telling them he's having a teething issue predosing him with Tylenol prior to dropping him off and telling them where the orajel is so they can give him releif throughout the day.

I know he won't be really happy there till he gets used to it, but there are things that can make it worse--like being hungry or itching like mad. Maybe if I help all those, he'll be better able to cope.

Hubby's not too happy with the daycare, but I really feel it's a learning process. They need to get used to him and his needs and his differences from the other babies. We need to get used to doing things in a way that will help get Sasha optimal care by making that the easiest path for the daycare workers. Sasha just needs to get used to those people so they aren't scary strangers anymore. Right now, we're used to dealing with my Mom which is totally different from complete strangers who don't know our kid. And he didn't see what the other options were. No one place is perfect, but this place seems like it will be once both us, Sasha, and they all get into a nice little groove.

The others scared me.

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