Thursday, April 3, 2008


Apparently there was an improvement. He was able to nap, eat, and drink today. But was very clingy to the head daycare lady and latched onto her all day. They have yet to discover that a primary cause of Sasha screaming is buckles and straps. They put him a high chair with toys when he had his fit of the day.

They'll learn.

They do seem to want him to take a sippy un-assisted. Good luck with that, I say. They'll have sippy contents shot accross the room or poured over someones head when he takes off the lid. As they have. He likes bottles or glasses actually better and needs assistance with those (or the pouring continues).

My boys a sweet boy, but he has his own--occasionally difficult--quirks.

As for the sleeping, CIO appears to be working. We only really had the one night of all-night screaming. Last night he did wake up, but it was because of a problem...He'd had a liquidy poop that was massive and it leaked out everywhere and woke him up--a risk of eating lots of blueberries. I had no problems helping him then as it was a genuine problem we needed to fix. Then he went to sleep.


sheSaidC2 said...

stubborn kids :) I have one who also knows exactly what he wants, and he wants to DO IT HIMSELF :) goodluck with the daycare and the sleep!

caramama said...

Glad things are going okay, especially with the sleep. The daycare ladies will learn, and I'm guessing it's nothing they haven't seen before.