Friday, April 4, 2008

Dear Daycare Ladies

Good morning,

Hubby said Sasha did a little better yesterday and I'm glad to hear it.

He also said when he came to pick him up he saw Sasha crying in the high chair (as usual for him) with his bottle and stars. Now, I know you have a lot of kids and it could have just been set there. And most kids his age are perfectly able to handle their own bottles so it's a reasonable expectation of him. But I thought it was a good opportunity to let you know a few little quirks about him.

1. Sasha does not handle his own bottle or sippy.

I just guess he's a little slower to develop in that area. Additionally, his Grandma says she even has had a little trouble getting him to take a bottle on many days, but it's apparently not that unusual for breastfed babies to not like them. She says that to get him to take it, she has to cradle hold him like he would to be nursed, and slips the bottle in when he gets himself ready for a latch. Sometimes she has to sleep feed him. Sorry I didn't tell you about this, but as I said, I
breastfeed so I am not too familiar with his bottle routine other than quantity (usually about 16-20ozs during the day). As for sippys, the only one I've been able to get him to take at all is the Born Free type (in his bag). And mostly he just dumps it on his head. He seems most interested in going to an ordinary cup, but obviously is not coordinated enough to handle that yet. I think this is probably the most important quirk because he does need to drink during the day and I've noticed he's hardly done any when he's been at Daycare.

2. Restraints make him scream

Not that it matters, just a warning. He's always screamed when being restrained since he was born. Only newborn I ever knew to detest swaddling. The only restraint he tolerates and likes is being held. We continue to use his highchair and such at home and just let him holler.

3. When he's wet, he wont do anything else but whine till he's changed.

That includes eating, drinking, playing....Just has always been the case with him. If you notice him not complying in something, that's usually the case.

I know he's a little tempermental and needy and I thank you for working
with us


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caramama said...

That's a great letter. I hope you are sending it to them. They need to know.

My child loved to be swaddled, but hated/hates every other restraint. We stopped buckling her into her highchair once we were sure she was stable enough and would stay seated (also it has that bar that helps keep them in place).

Good luck to daycare ladies! I'm sure it will all work out once everyone is adjusted!