Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hospital, oh Hospital

It's been a stressful weekend, but it's over now pretty much.

Sasha had his allergies first. Then my Father had to be rushed to the hospital with chest pains and was admitted into the cardiac unit. And then Sasha fell over trying to chase the Hound down by running (um, yeah...he can't walk without support yet) and split open his lip and his gums right where his new front teeth are.

So of course, this has been a Hospital Weekend.

But Sasha's hives are pretty much gone. And his teeth and facial bones are all fine--he just has a really fat lip and his mouth is going to be sore for a while. And they couldn't find anything wrong with my Dad. So he went home and Mom's determined to change his diet and lifestyle to keep it from becoming something in the future and he has some followup appointments with a cardiologist--just to be sure. His BP, HR, Cholesterol....everything showed a perfectly healthy man.

So alls well that ends well. Even if now going to office seems so much less stressful!

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caramama said...

Yikes! Sorry about all the stressful stuff! I'm glad that everything is okay.