Monday, March 3, 2008

The Clingies

We had a little bit of a rough night considering Sasha couldn’t get comfortable. And then couldn’t self-soothe because he only knows how by sucking his fingers. And that hurt.

Looks like I’m going to Philly after all, but not till the end of the month. Everything is being paid for to include dog boarding and so I’m okay with it.

And then when I come back, I will probably be in a new job. Promotion, in all likelihood. I’m supposed to get the official offer and specifics on Thursday. Till then, I haven’t actually agreed to anything so hopefully they have a good offer together for me.

But I may have to give up the teleworking. It stinks in a way, but in a way the timing couldn’t be better. Sasha’s so all over the place it’s a struggle to get anything done. Yes, I have help, but we’re getting to a point where it’s not enough.

He’s become super clingy of me. And only me. Daddy, Grandparents, none of the people he sees every day fill that.

And add to that every time he falls down, even if it’s just on his bum a little unexpectedly, he cries and is only able to be soothed by Mommy.

I have some ideas for Daycare but I don’t want to sign anything and hire anyone till I know for sure what the arrangement is going to be.

We brunched with some friends this weekend and their daughter, Beanie, who’s only a month older had started going thru the exact same phase. A little while after she’s left with her sitter she’s fine. But if Mommy’s around the whiny-clingyness is in full-force. Both were also there with the non-stop “lalalalaladadadadadagagagagaga”. I’m jealous because their little girl is efficient with her use of sippy cup. Sasha mostly still just wings it around and chews on it. Water everywhere.

I think we will probably spend more time with them. Nothing like having friends around who know EXACTLY what is going on with you and who think 9am is brunch because you’ve already been up for 5 hours. LOL!

Oh, and Wedding photos came back. Here's Sasha asleep in his little suit.

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caramama said...

Oh, we are going through a similar fussy/clingy thing. If I'm around and she falls (and she's especially clumsy lately), it's only me that can soothe her. But if hubby takes her out of the room or if I leave the room, she will be fine with him after a couple minutes.

It's sweet, but rough. And I hope he feels better soon. He's so adorable in that pic!!!