Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tantrum Tuesday and a Showgirl

Yesterday I teleworked and it was just too much going on.

KerryGirl had a groomer appt. This is a new groomer, but she’s well-known for fabulous work. Particularly in kerry blue terriers. And she was only $10 more than the other groomers—who weren’t terribly good. So we got her there super early so I could get Sasha back home and fed before I needed to start my workday.

Well, Sasha was having a TantrumDay. No matter what happened it was so wrong he had to throw a fit.

So much fun trying to get the dog signed in while he was doing that.

And we got home and more tantrums followed. He didn’t want to be in his high chair, he didn’t want to eat food. He didn’t want a bottle. He didn’t want his cup. He didn’t want to play. He didn’t want to be held. He wasn’t in pain (because Tylenol didn’t make a dent). He wanted to nurse, but only till he didn’t.

And so the throwing on the floor kicking, flailing and screaming went on pretty much all day.
Then at the end of the workday we had to immediately go get KerryGirl again and still with the screaming me-me in the backseat.

She looks great. It’s a perfect show cut. Well worth the extra $10 to actually have her not only completely done—and yes, that’s been an issue—but done evenly so I don’t have to redo her because the “caught in lawnmower look” isn’t really a good one for her. The perfect show clip is a bonus.

But here’s what’s weird. She wants my permission to show her at Intergroom. After only meeting me and my dog once?!? Well, as much as I’m sure she’s on the up-and-up, I’m going to say no. The dog works herself into a state when she’s away from me for too long. Fever, gastroenteritis, the whole thing. And 3 days is way past her threshold.

Yes, I do plan to leave her at the end of the month to go to Philly, but she’s staying with her vet. The vet that already knows she does this. The vet who knows how to get her to stop.

I know it's supposed to be a compliment. A way of saying my dog is in great shape, a fabulous conformation, and well-mannered. But I can't do it.

We went home and Sasha continued to Tantrum. When his Daddy came home I told him I was done, needed a break, and so Sasha was his for a couple of hours. He (Daddy) acted like he had no idea that Sasha was mobile and put him on the floor and walked away. Of course Sasha got up on a low table and pulled heavy things down on himself and was screaming this time for a reason. And when I got mad that Hubby wasn't watching, well...acted like it was somehow my fault.


Burgh Baby said...

A good groomer is very hard to find. I drive to the ends of the Earth to find one that doesn't think Lhasa's should be shaved. The haircut does look fabulous!

That last paragraph? I could write that just about every day. There's something about husbands that prevents them from understanding that "watching" a child means you have to actually be able to see them. Ugh.

caramama said...

KerryGirl looks BEAUTIFUL! What a good job she did!

And you all should talk to my hubby. He is wonderful and really great and yada yada yada. But watching the Pumpkin apparently means playing on the computer/watching TV with her in the room with him. Grrrr. What is up with them??

As for the tantrums... My guess is he's going through a wonder week fussy period. The Pumpkin goes through these too, and I just generally have to bare through it and make sure hubby is really helping. Good luck! And it gets better! Mine is turning 1 next week, and lately she has been the most fun evah!

Becoming Mommy said...

I think you're right. He's 38 weeks. Yeah, he was late and so should be past that but boys are usually slower so that must be it.

Tell me about it. Do you know how many groomers keep telling me I need to have her coat stripped? You don't strip Kerrys! They don't have normal terrier hair. It's like lambswool.