Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Wonder Why Week

So I’m praying, crossing my fingers, and wishing on a star that Sasha’s “wonder week/world of categories” is up.
His Daddy? My Husband? Off at a Robot Season event till very late Saturday night.
So it’s just me.
It’ll be hard enough on the munchkin to not see his Dad for 3 days, and if things go as they have in the past, I’m in for it.
He also has his 9month checkup tomorrow and I don’t *think* he’s supposed to get any shots. I hope he doesn’t.
I feel like such a baby, already feeling I can’t handle it by myself.

1 comment:

caramama said...

Total sympathy from me. Good luck. If you need some support, you've got my email.

IIRC, no shots at 9 months. Love that pic. He is just so beautiful!