Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lets not dispense with formalities

Feeling better today. It appears yesterday may have been the result of too much Immodium taken over the weekend. I will spare the details. But suffice it to say, it does not appear contagious and once past, is past.
Work situation has been interesting. Supposedly, I am to start this new job at the end of the month. However, details have not been forthcoming. Pay? Schedule? Actually what this job entails? Not really that sure. And not surprisingly, my company seemed surprised that I was not planning on taking this job without all that in writing ahead of time. I love my company, but the informal atmosphere does tend to seep into things that I prefer to be formal. Like pay. I'm very picky that way and want in writing what I am to be paid and starting what date. Not the loose verbal promise of "we'll make it worth it to you". I have a hard number I won't go below. And it's practical...just an estimate for extra costs in gas, drycleaning, and daycare from losing my flexible workschedule. All I ask is to break even.
I did love that in our meeting they pointed out I had a need to be more flexible. I simply countered that I wasn't being intractable...just being reasonable. No one else would expect you to take a job without an offer letter. And since this offer had been batted about for a year and was to start in less than 2 weeks? It was time to hammer down the details.
And to finish...a random photo of Sasha and his auntie.

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caramama said...

He is SOOOOO beautiful!!!!

You absolutely need to get that stuff in writing! How could they imagine otherwise? Crazy.

Glad you are feeling better.