Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've been seeing a lot popping up about bento boxes. They're very handy for packing meals and I've been using them for a good few years now and LOVE their handiness. Recently I've started using them for Sasha too.

We use Lock & Lock. It's cheap. It's sold at our Korean market. And it's BPA free. They also have a whole line of tupperware-type stuff. But the water bottles look like they may have BPA. But none of their stuff is attractive and the trays may be too big or too small for what you want. And certainly not very numerous. The smaller 2-tray options work great for Sasha's lunches.

I've also seen Laptop Lunches. These look like they might be better for the grown up lunch. They are bigger, have a variety of trays/containers, and are definitely prettier. They are pricey, though. Far more than the $3.50 I spent on the one I'm eating out of.

Although, I did manage to cram half a boneless chicken breast, a small serving of asparagus risotto, and a small cup of ratatouille for lunch today in my bento.

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