Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby on the Brain

We've decided to go with Daycare #1.

It's the best fit logistically, appears to have a good philosophy, and I am currently about as comfortable with it as I think I'll ever be with any of them.

Hopefully, this one works. Hopefully what I was shown is the way it really is and Sasha will have good care.

I did send a letter of complaint in to the state licensing department. Hopefully something is done about her.

So now I need to get all the forms filled out and collect a box of stuff to bring with him and have everything marked (Do they even sell laundry markers anymore?). I have a list.

  • 1 taggie
  • 2 crib sheets
  • 2 blankets
  • 3 changes of clothes (including socks, shoes and sunhat)
  • 1 pkg diapers
  • 1 box wipes
  • 1 tube diaper cream
  • 1 tube sunblock
  • 1 tube lotion
  • 1 container bathwash (in case)
  • All Medications (Infant Tylenol and Baby Orajel)
  • 1 pkg formula
  • 1 spare bottle
  • 1 spare sippy
  • 1 set of bibs

And there's a request for servingware, but I'll just have his in his bento everyday. It'll kind of make things nice. Things will be sent home as they need laundering, and replace the consumables, but other than that I'll only need to bring Sasha and his lunchbox everyday.

The sleep training has been working for naptime. He's learned that for at least an hour at the same time everyday he has to be in his crib. He doesn't need to nap, but he will sit there for the duration. And a lot of the time he will fall asleep now. If not, he plays with his music box till about 50 minutes in when he starts shouting for someone to come get him.

The nighttime sleep training requires that Hubby be trained first. Normally, I beleive that the parents both need to be on the same page. But when it comes to nighttime wakeups, only those who are going to be walking, singing, nursing, and rocking should have a say. Hubby's tactic is to yell at me till I get up and do it.

So we had a screaming session last night, during wich I assessed Sasha needed an hour back in his crib to finish screaming and get a grip (it's just the way he is). I went back to bed. And then my darling Hubby started to yell because he doesnt' beleive in CIO. However, he doesn't plan on doing anything himself and I've learned with Sasha sometimes he just needs to get it out first before any kind of comforting will work. It almost always takes about an hour for him to finish his fit.

Which is exactly the way it went. After about an hour I heard him wrapping up, went in, changed nursed, rocked and snuggled him. And he happily went back to sleep.

I'd be a much happier person today if I'd been allowed to actually REST that hour.


caramama said...

Glad to hear about the daycare. I also hope it really is as good as it sounds.

Sorry about the fight with hubby. I agree that if you are the one dealing with the night wakings, then you are the one who gets the say in the matter!

Amy said...

I'm glad tp know I'm not alone. . . it's amazing to me how different I find me and my hubby now that we are parents. Before I thought we were so much more alike. :)