Monday, April 14, 2008

Bottomless Pit/Little Flirt

I made Sasha some food for this week. We went to a restaurant to see my brother and he helped himself to a large portion of what I'd ordered for me.

And that's after he ate:
An apple Yobaby
A bag of stars
A cup of split pea soup
Half a banana
An entire sippy of half juice/half water

You'd think he'd be full, but not my little bottomless pit. Nope. He reached into my plate and kept helping himself to the grilled chicken on rice with lightly roasted tomatos with fresh basil.

So I made him some (only used turkey instead of chicken...he likes turkey better) and sent it with him to Grandma's. She was willing to try just giving it to him because she was there when he was eating off my plate. She was afraid he'd choke, but the only time he did was when he shoved about 6 stars in his mouth at the same time. I think I'd choke then.

He has a desert too...sort of a mango-apple sugarless thing.

The best thing for packing his lunches I've discovered is bento boxes. They hold everything in separate little trays and so I can heat up or chill them individually when it's time to feed him.

The yogurt has done wonderfully for him. He loves it so much you'd think we were feeding him icecream and he is no longer experiancing the antibiotic-induced diarrhea. And no bad side effects. While we're supposed to be moving him to whole milk (according to his pediatriction) as of a month ago, I think that the occasional yogurt is probably a better plan for right now.

But the good news is, this is one less place where jarfood is necessary for me to buy. And one less place he'll be fighting people because HE. DOESN'T. WANT. CARROTS!!!!!

Saturday night we went to a fondue party and I thought it might go bad.

Toddler around communal molten lava and cans of sterno.
Toddler used to chasing animals (who like it) in a home with a bad-tempered cat
Toddler in a totally un-childproofed house
Toddler used to drinking out of Mommy and Daddy's glasses, in a party where there are LOTS of glasses, many of which filled with alcohol.

But actually, he spent his time showing off to the ladies how cute he was...playing patty cake, peekaboo, waving at everyone, giving kisses and hugs, and near the end of the night when he was tired trying to nurse off one of them (which disturbed her greatly since she thinks nursing is weird, gross, and totally unnatural) we called it a day and I nursed him to sleep in the car. No near disasters. I was watching him like a hawk, but didn't seem to be a problem

Update: Grandma called and said he gobbled down his dessert first (doesn't make a difference since it's all healthy and nutritious), and did enjoy the turkey dish, but ended up wearing a significant portion so she fed him a jar of meat. Not as good as I'd hoped, but we're getting there. We're both trying to teach him to self-feed. Her with utensils, I'm happy if he even uses his hands. The good thing is, we're both on the same page when it comes to homemade food being prefferable. More variety, fresher, and probably higher quality ingrediants. I now need more bento boxes and a new food processor and/or grinder. Both mine died this weekend--along with our lawnmower and kitchen table.

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caramama said...

This is what I love about the baby-led feeding! Going out to eat at restaurants is so much easier! She just eats what we are eating or maybe we order something just for her.

I've been meaning to get some of those bento boxes. They sound so good! You've inspired me to just get some.

And how great that Sasha was a charmer at the party. :-)