Saturday, April 12, 2008

RNAi to blame? The white pansy returns.

I don't understand what I'm seeing.

My spring flowers are blooming, and the garden looks lovely.

However, a great mystery lies before me and I'm unsure how to explain it.

You see, when I planted this garden, I picked my flowers carefully and decided upon the huge and unusual Queen of Night variety of tulip.
I thought it would make for interesting contrast. And every year they've been beautiful. If not quite as black as the photo shows....more of a nice burgundy.

But this spring, I'm seeing something really unexpected. A new tulip. One I've never planted. And one that seems an unlikely product of cross polination. How on earth did this happen?

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La folle maman said...

My grandmother calls these "volunteers", but usually her volunteers are of the variety where the seeds could have been deposited by birds or wind. So I'm not so sure that term applies here since the bird would have had to carry a BULB and PLANTED it! :)

It's pretty anyway! And when it dies back, if you don't like it in the area it's in, you could always move the bulbs to some other place!