Friday, April 11, 2008

What goes on the Cruce de Los Milagros for this?

It appears a miracle did happen.

Sasha spent yesterday happy, playful, and his usual charming self. He has decided to do his cuppie by himself again. They've decided it's not worth it to fight with him about the Taggie or being "contained". So I guess we'll be staying, because why pull him out to start this process all over again? Everyone is finally on the same page and it's working.

I had a little worry about yesterday because the weather was so nice, they'd indicated they planned to spend the day playing outside.

Sasha has my coloring. Irish, pasty, and quick to burn. Not like his Daddy's Italian/American Indian seemingly never burning skin. And not like his Daycare ladies either, who I believe are Indian and/or Pakistani. When I was slathering him with 55 after stripping him down, she seemed shocked I didn’t think his little linen pants and white shirt were enough. I told her they weren't...our people burn thru denim. And he needed his hat too. And a few reslatherings. And a close eye because he still would probably burn before the day was up, if he was out in the sun. And not to use regular sunscreen because it gives him hives (as we've learned) and he scratches his skin so bloody he now has scars. Just use his (thank God for the Aveeno Baby line).

I may seem over the top, but the frequency of skin cancer by 30 (about 95%) in that side of my family makes it totally reasonable. I'm trying to keep him from getting that so early. Plus, who wants their baby to have to suffer with sunburn? Or hives that are that itchy? I just have an ubersensitive kid and know what works and what doesn't thanks to picking the wrong thing.

I'm glad with what happened. She decided just to set him up under an umbrella with some toys.
As for outside play, guess what we've discovered he nows how to do? Make a swing work. A real swing. The kind you have to pump your legs for.

We took him and the dogs out to the park and put him in just to see. And he immediately started to get himself going! He was so happy, we are definitely going to go often.


Burgh Baby said...

That's fantastic that things are starting to look a little better!

And, um, our daycare REQUIRES that we provide our own sunscreen and they slather the stuff on so thick that we went through two bottles last summer. It's the standard procedure. So, keep pushing if you have to. There's no reason for any kid to be outside without some protection, especially when, in your case, you know for a fact that it's a major health issue.

caramama said...

I'm glad the daycare is seeing the light. And wow about his swinging! I'm very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Sasha is so cute! Thanks for the comment you left me, and thanks for visiting my blog I don't get many visitors... Anyway, thanks and hi back to you!