Thursday, April 10, 2008

Been trying something new...

Since we got Sasha to accept solid food or anything with "texture". I've been trying to go more towards a BLW way of feeding.

At least when he's home.

For Grandma and Daycare we give the jarfood. Daycare already has been at odds with us and Grandma thinks I'm doing the food thing in a strange him things like raspberries.

It's been interesting to see his reactions. Sometimes he forgets to chew and we have gagging so we just remind him by going "YiYiYiYi..." The sound catches his attention and your mouth motion mimics the up-and-down action of chewing (if you don't beleive me, try it!). For some reason, it works and you see in his face the realization of what you're doing. So neat!

The kid still has a serious sweet tooth and a passion for fruit. Bananas, pears, peaches...while he still ends up wearing a good portion, he does eat most of it.

And then there's spaghetti. Because I'm lazy, I'm more likely to give him orzo or couscous to make sure the peices are small enough to not choke him, than cut actual spaghetti noodles. But it's all the same. And he LOOOOOVES IT.

I could put zucchini (a hated food) in marinara and he'll eat it just fine. Notes are being made for future toddler-pickyness. And that seems like it may have started. He's decided he now hates carrots. Which is more reason to try and ditch the babyfood jars. Everything has carrots.

Granted, he's a little old to be really a BLW boy. And we did the whole rice cereal and strained food at first too.

But we've kind of diverged from that whole "appropriate foods to introduce at..." thought process. I still introduce new things slowly. But not really in an order.

And the idea of baby food is sooooo bland. I never understood why once your child has a good handle on gas and no longer cries for every little bubble you can't start with the onion and garlic. And so he has. And it's been fine. And tonight or tomorrow is yogurt (depends on his mood. I don't introduce new things unless he's in a very good one).

Thanks to our little guys newfound hatred of bottles and sippies, I don't see artificial weaning coming any time soon. However, he has dropped another nursing, which is fine.


La folle maman said...

Our son hates the oatmeal and jar foods. Pretty much he only wants to eat stuff he can feed to himself (I've tried giving him the spoon and bowl -- not good, not yet anyway). Fresh foods aren't convenient when packing his bag for daycare or when going out to dinner somewhere. Plus, it's been tough for us trying to fit in the time to prepare the fresh foods. We barely cook for ourselves!

Anyway, I'm extremely interested in any strategies you used to help Sasha accept solid food, perhaps we could use them to get our son to accept being fed by someone else.

Becoming Mommy said...

La Folle Maman,
We actually have had the opposite problem. Sasha doesn't want to do anything himself, he wants MOMMY to do it.
As for as solid, solid foods (non-strained items) it was just a question of finding something he liked. Which meant sweet and didn't take too much work to chew up. Those star puffs were it.
And it's always a question of wether or not he likes it still. For us, putting things in applesauce or spaghetti works for anything he seems to not like, but just needs to get used to.
Since he wants to do it himself but not good with utensils yet, maybe the Dippers? Gerber Graduates has these little things that aren't forks or spoons, but would work good for goopy foods.

caramama said...

Good luck! Not following the mainstream has worked well for us in the area of food... in general. We are now entering a phase where she just wants to spoon foods in her mouth herself, and it's quite a mess.

As for pasta, I recommend rotini or some other small, easily handle-able pasta.

Becoming Mommy said...

Thanks, Cara.

I've been keeping to teeny pasta because he still tries to swallow things whole sometimes. But I guess, yeah, if he eats the Puffs and toast....wagon wheels or something should be fine.

And maybe less messy. Although I still say spaghetti needs to be served when baby is sans clothes...

La folle maman said...

Thans for your suggestions. He does like those star puff thingys, applesauce and oddly enough, the pureed green beans but everything else (other than fresh foods) is hard to get him to eat. So maybe we'll start disguising them as you suggested.