Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green: Unclear on the Concept

Happy Earth Day!

I know it's trendy and all to be "green" these days. And I don't particularly consider myself as an environmentalist, but there are truly some people who are not clear on the concept.

I went down to Target today. I wanted to get some beverage for my fridge and a snack or 2. I brought my reusable shopping bags that I bought at Target and handed them to the cashier to use.

And she did, in fact, put everything in the bag. However, after putting it all in my reusable bag? She placed the reusable bag in a disposable plastic shopping bag.


And the sad thing is, every time I've tried to be responsible and use these (with the exception of Trader Joe's and IKEA) this is exactly what happens.


Burgh Baby said...

Go figure.

I find that every time I try to use my reusable bag, the cashier tries to charge me for it. I'm thisclose to giving up on it.

caramama said...

What an idiot! Did you tell her she was missing the point?

My Giant actually give a teeny tiny discount for using the reusable bags. And I'll take any discount I can get, in addition to helping out the environment.

La folle maman said...

I haven't tried this concept yet as we have 4 cats and do our fair share of filling the landfills with bags of their excrement. I'm starting to realize that cats aren't really "green" even if you try to use the flushable litter (which just doesn't do the trick with the number we have, we've tried and it was just not good).

So one day, when we're catless, maybe I'll try the reusable bags. And maybe by then, people will know what they're for!