Friday, April 18, 2008

*gurgle, gurgle, ping, splart*

After yesterday's trip to the Outer Limits I'm hoping today goes better.

Sasha's at his Grandma's so already that means his day will go well. Nothing weird will happen to him there and he will get cared for properly.

Kerry on the other hand, woke me up with the sounds of her stomach churning. Apparently she's sick again and I have to say, that's a new record of times between bouts of HGE. She's gotten sick, but not to the level we know she can. If you've ever had a pet who suffered from chronic HGE, you actually call things Normal Diarrhea and Normal Vomit when talking to your vet and speak calmly about your dog who's puked a dozen times that day. Because you know they'll be fine. Because it's not that bad. Because you know how to triage your own dog by now and can give stats like capillary refill rates and understand what they mean as a whole.

I think we may have had more to treat than just the food allergies now. Ugh.

I treated her this morning for it (vets have shown me how) so she should be completely stable till actually tomorrow morning. And most times, if I catch it while it's setting up like that, she's better by the afternoon.

Hubby's out of town, but will be back tomorrow. Hopefully I will not be needing to rush the dog to the hospital tonight with Sasha in tow.



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok, don't hate me but I KIND OF think chameleons are cute too. And tree frogs.

Sheep? I'll have to google the type you said and check it out!


caramama said...

I'm so sorry about Kerry! I she feels better soon.

Our dog will throw up bile from her stomach if she goes too long without eating. For most of the first year of her life, she would wake up us up in the wee hours of the morning by throwing up on the bed (we got really good at jumping up and getting a towel under her just in time). When we moved and saw a new vet, they finally figured out she just needed to be fed right before bed and first thing in the morning (plus a lunchtime meal). It's amazing how you can get used to vomiting and other issues when you deal with it all the time. It still sucks though, and I hope she gets better.

Burgh Baby said...

Ugh! That's no fun at all. I hope she's feeling better pronto.