Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sasha's started a new thing. At first it was cute. And then it progressed to unnerving. And now it's mildly annoying.

You see, Sasha doesn't want to sleep. Like, ever. So instead he's decided to race around laughing hysterically instead.

So you can see how that would be cute at first. And then just creepy. And finally annoying.

So we stick him in his bed and let him laugh and make monster noises and shout at the top of his lungs, all the while just sitting and playing alone in his crib.

But because of this, it was easy yesterday to go and interview a thousand childcare people. I had happy, hyper baby who apparently needs no nap. Unfortunately, at some point during all of this I've misplaced my cell phone. For all I know it's floating around my car somewhere. But I don't know where that somewhere is and it's not ringing when I call myself.

The childcares look good. I particularly like one. Why? Because I can check up on him and see what's going on at any time any day. The others have other benefits like smaller ratios, but I like that I can see for myself what's going on. And that HAS to improve the quality of the care. After all, every parent can be watching every moment of the day. After the last fiasco, I probably will only feel comfortable leaving him somewhere if I can do that.

Big Mama is Watching.

As for Nannies, I'm not looking right now at that. Hubby apparently suffers from the fear that Sasha will be kidnapped if we get a nanny. He's seen too many crime dramas. So, I'm trying to keep in his comfort zone and delay looking at that as long as possible.

Sasha's definitely back to his old self now from being sick during the weekend/early week. Last night we went and met hubby and some of hubby's work people for dinner at a mexican place. I got him fed before everyone came (beef and veggies with rice pilaf). Then I gave him his graham crackers to fuss with while we were waiting for our dinner. Then when my dinner came? He helped himself to the lion's share. All I was left were my enchiladas. He ate all the rice and quac & pico salad. He even ate the beans (which he'll NEVER eat for me). Almost an entire adult platter in his tiny little belly on top of the dinner he'd already eaten. And then wiped his hands and mouth on his father's sleeve.

This must be "The Mother's Curse" coming to get me. You see, when I was two? My Dad would sometimes take me out for breakfast as a treat when he had a day he didn't go in till late. I'd eat an entire Grand Slam. And a fruit cup. And then munch off his. And wipe my hands and face on his uniform shirt. I am beginning to see parallels.

I see how it'll be easy to diet now I will simply have 3/4 of all food removed from my plate every time I dish up.

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sheSaidC2 said...

we are on a sleep diet too..
But instead of running around screaming he is crawling everywhere like "but MOM I can't CRAWL NOW, why would I want to sleep?!" and he gets so tired he falls a bunch or will take a 5 second break and just lay his head down...
amazing, cute, annoying