Saturday, April 26, 2008


Thanks to a combination of factors:

  • Mud Season
  • High Pollen Count
  • A toddler who pulls hair
  • No time to spend line brushing my dog's 'fro
I shaved Kerry. Not completely nekkid, but she has maybe a 1/4 inch of hair (maybe less) all over. I've only roughed it in, as I haven't given her a bath yet. But she doesn't look like herself.

She DOES though seem quite happy with her new 'do. Not only is her hair no longer getting yanked, but her red, itchy eyes immediately cleared up. So this may be a thing we do every Spring. And only keep her in a true Kerry Clip when it's better for her.

A different kerry blue, who was also shaved.
Edit: We do have a lovely groomer, but this shaving has other being the $100 every month or two we can save. Yes, that's how much her haircut is. Not including tip or the gas to and fro to a groomer a half-hours drive. But me doing her cut "right" by myself takes 5-8 hours. My haircut? When I can get the time? $14 Hubby's? $21. There is something seriously wrong here.
When you start adding the $119 fee for every one of Kerry's allergy treatments (not to mention mine and hubby's from all the pollen she carried in her poof), this is a HUGE cost savings!


caramama said...

Yeah for a shaved kerry! Beautiful!

And maybe now your neighbors won't think the dog is a sheep or a wolf or a elephant! hehe.

Unknown said...

I know this is an old link but had to comment. I shaved my kerry just a week ago...just like the pic. My kerry freaked a good way. She ran , jumped and flew around the back happy...and she is a happy dog anyways, but what a differance. Also did the same thing to my bedlington. The matts were just a little to much to try to save the coats so I just took em off. Both dogs are definately happier although the kerry looks much cuter than the beddie shaved short. Anyways, I think too that every spring we will let their coats start over in prep for the coming winter and give em a break in the spring. I think my kerry didn't know she could see so well or feel so much cooler. What a happy happy girl.